Where are the State Monuments at Antietam National Battlefield?

The state monuments at Antietam are the largest memorials on this rural battlefield in Sharpsburg, Maryland. Five state monuments honor the service of Union soldiers. That count includes the Maryland State Monument, which honors Maryland natives who fought on both sides of the conflict. Two state monuments honor Confederate soldiers. This post will address two questions: What states have monuments at Antietam? Where are the state monuments at Antietam National Battlefield?

What are the State Monuments at Antietam National Battlefield?

Seven states erected monuments between 1898 and 1964. Two United State Presidents participated in dedication ceremonies.  U. S. President William B. McKinley — who served at the Battle of Antietam as a sergeant in the 23rd Ohio Infantry  — spoke at the dedication of the Maryland monument in 1900. (Notably, 19th President Rutherford B. Hayes, served in the same regiment as McKinley.) Theodore Roosevelt spoke at the dedication of the New Jersey monument in 1903.

Here is the complete list of state monuments at Antietam National Battlefield:

  1. Georgia (CSA)
  2. Indiana (USA)
  3. Maryland (USA, CSA)
  4. Massachusetts (USA)
  5. New Jersey (USA)
  6. New York (USA)
  7. Texas (CSA)

For more information, including dedication dates and historical descriptions from the National Park Service’s “List of Classified Structures” database, please see Civil War Cycling’s “State Monuments at Antietam.”

Try this little exercise:

Guess which photograph goes with what state. To check your answers, hover over each image with your mouse, or tap the image on a mobile device.

Where are the State Monuments at Antietam National Battlefield?

A bicyclist will be pleased to know that Antietam’s state monuments are conveniently clustered in the northern half of the battlefield, where park roads are smooth and not as hilly as the southern section. The following map illustrates that point well:


One good way to learn and remember the location of monuments is to plan a “scavenger hunt” for yourself. To help, Civil War Cycling has done most of the work for you. Please see “Finding State Monuments at Antietam” which is one of many Scavenger Hunts listed here.

Ready for a Quiz?

As a learning exercise — or maybe as a “check” that you have mastered the basics — try Civil War Cycling’s free, anonymous, interactive “Antietam State Monuments Quiz.” The quiz consists of seven multiple choice questions aimed at identifying Antietam’s seven monument photographs.

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