Master Gettysburg July 3 with Interactive Tools

How does a wanna-be U.S. Civil War history buff play at learning? If you want to develop a more detailed understanding of the Battle of Gettysburg. Civil War Cycling’s “Master Gettysburg July 3 with Interactive Tools” is a good place to start. And fortunately for you, you are just one click away from several free and interactive web tools that will help you to gain a “who’s who” knowledge of the principal battlefield commanders on July 3, 1863.

Do you see the big brass eagle (below) with the inscription, e pluribus unum (“out of many, one”)? Click it to jump to a “who’s who” quiz for Gettysburg July 3.

This is the third of three sets of quizzes and links to photos and maps on the Battle of Gettysburg. Please share your feedback on any Civil War Cycling web page, or post a private comment through the “Contact Us” link.

Master Gettysburg July 3 with Interactive Tools

Master Gettysburg July 3 with Interactive Tools
Click here for Master Gettysburg July 3

The quiz landing page is “Gettysburg July 3 – Master the Basics Quiz.” [CLICK HERE] The quiz page includes links to high-level maps and July 3 Study Notes.

When it’s too cold to bicycle (or when you are too far away from a national park), interactive quizzes — along with photos and maps — make it easy to beef-up your knowledge of the Battle of Gettysburg. For me, the main benefit is that interactive web tools help me to understand the books that I am reading. Moreover, my memory improves as I associate people with places, things, and events. I think of interactive learning tools as “exercise equipment” for the brain.

Now, after having introduced three times (Gettysburg July 1, 2, and 3) the topic of interactive web tools, there’s not much more to say than to encourage you to dive-in and try these quizzes.

If you haven’t clicked into any of Civil War Cycling’s “Quizzes” buttons, now’s the time.

You will …

  • NOT be asked for any personal information
  • NOT need to click through any ads
  • NOT be asked to buy anything
  • NOT have your quiz answers recorded

Honestly, it’s just good ol’ healthy fun!

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