Master Gettysburg July 1 with Interactive Tools

Do you love U.S. Civil War history but feel overwhelmed with all the names, places, and jargon? Been there, done that! Today’s Civil War Cycling blog post announces the availability of a set of anonymous (and free) interactive quizzes designed to help you memorize the principal commanders at the Battle of Gettysburg for fighting on July 1, 1863. Now’s the time to master Gettysburg July 1 with interactive tools.

Today, it’s bitterly cold across much of the United States. In fact, Gettysburg National Military Park — which is usually open all but a couple days of the year — had to close its roads for a short time due to the snow.

So, as long as you’re inside (and hopefully, warm), why not hibernate with a good plan to study the Gettysburg Campaign?!

Master Gettysburg July 1 with Interactive Tools

Master Gettysburg July 1 with Interactive Tools
Click here for Master Gettysburg July 1

The quiz landing page is “Gettysburg July 1 – Master the Basics Quiz.” [CLICK HERE] The quiz page includes links to high-level maps and July 1 Study Notes.

I’m a former high school teacher and corporate manager. I’ve worked with lots of different people who learn in many different ways. In my experience, if an adult is motivated to master a subject, then memorization and drilling can be helpful — in small doses, in fun ways, and always easily associated with big themes that breathe life into good stories.

Civil War Cycling’s interactive quizzes supplement articles, photo galleries, videos, and maps that help learners like me. In many ways, this website is my teacher, even though I am its author. For me, learning is the most fun when I am doing something. If you feel the same way, then I encourage you to play with Civil War Cycling’s free resources.

And Get Ready to Ride This Spring!

Better yet, plan a battlefield bicycle touring adventure so that you honor your “inner child” and have fun with experiential learning on-site and outdoors.

Adults who choose to learn in this way to play with all sorts of toys! In good bicycling weather, your toys are bicycles and bicycle gear, cameras, internet-enabled phones, GPS devices, and paper maps. When it’s not feasible to bicycle, your toys can be interactive learning tools combined with audio-visuals, of which there are many on the internet.

Want to see part of a Gettysburg bicycle ride?

Need a little motivation to start dreaming a self-directed bicycle tour of a U.S. national military park?

The following Civil War Cycling blog posts from 2017 will help you to plan a safe, exciting, and educational bicycle touring adventure. Although most of these articles are specific to Gettysburg National Military Park, their general principles apply to any U.S. national military park.


You can master Gettysburg July 1 with interactive tools. Start here: “Gettysburg July 1 – Master the Basics Quiz,”

You can plan a bicycle tour of Gettysburg National Military Park. Start Here | Bicycling U.S. Civil War Battlefields.

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