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Civil War Cycling’s flashcards are for students who want help memorizing Gettysburg’s Orders of Battle to the brigade-level. My favorite reference on this topic is Bradley M. Gottfried’s book, Brigades of Gettysburg (New York: Skyhorse Publishing, 2012). Also, Civil War Trust  provides an easy-to-read Order of Battle from the Official Records (which are available online through Cornell University Library).

Army of Northern Virginia (CSA) - Lee

Who were Lee’s corps commanders at Gettysburg?
(ANV 1) James Longstreet - 06084v - Edited2
James Longstreet (LOC)

1st Corps – Lt. Gen. James Longstreet (1821–1904). Longstreet was from South Carolina and Georgia.

(ANV 2) Richard S. Ewell - 07437v - Edited2
Richard S. Ewell (LOC)

2nd Corps – Lt. Gen. Richard S. Ewell (1817–72). He was born in Washington, D. C. but grew up in Virginia.

(ANV 3) Ambrose P. Hill - 3a00275r (poor quality) - Edited
Ambrose P. Hill (LOC)

3rd Corps – Lt. Gen. Ambrose P. Hill (1825–65). A. P. Hill was from Virginia.

What is the ANV?

Army of Northern Virginia. The Confederate (CSA) army at Gettysburg.

Who commanded the Confederate army at Gettysburg?
Robert E. Lee
Robert E. Lee (LOC)

Gen. Robert E. Lee (1807–70)






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