Civil War Quiz – Military Terminology for Beginners

How many of these military terms do you know? Here is your chance to master the basics while having a little fun. “Civil War Quiz – Military Terminology” is for people who need to boost their vocabulary enough to understand history books and guides. (This page is best viewed on a desktop computer, mostly for ease of scrolling. On small mobile device, one option is simply to view the quiz answers by selecting the “Check” and “Show Solution” buttons.)

Last Update: May 22, 2017 (4:19 pm)

Civil War Quiz – Military Terminology

Not many history books help adult readers to understand basic military history terms. Because of this, new students can get frustrated quickly. The following quizzes will help you to master the basics while also having fun.

Part A – Military Organization

On the whole, military organization might be our most confusing topic. If you do not know the difference between a corps and a regiment, or a battalion and a division, for example, then the battlefield story is unclear.  Please try the following quiz to clear the fog:

Part B – Civil War Weapons

Civil War Quiz - Military Terminology
12-Pounder Napoleon Cannon, Gettysburg (Civil War Quiz – Military Terminology)

Too often, it seems, tour guides blast a fire hose of details onto beginning students. Seriously, do you know the difference between a breech and a muzzle? It is important, but does it have to be confusing? No. Please consider mastering the basics so that you can allow the story line to move along.

Part C – Military Tactics

Finally, we introduce military tactics. There are only a couple key terms that you need to know. Even if you already know them, please try this quiz:


Know your military terms. It is your key to two things. First, if you prefer human interest stories, knowing basic military terms helps you not to get lost in your reading. Second, if you are interested in military topics, learning is easiest when you first master the basics.

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Civil War Quiz – Military Terminology.

Civil War Quiz - Military Terminology
Thank you for trying: Civil War Quiz – Military Terminology